LIVING OR LOSTING (the fanzine)

By Scott Chernoff ( Fan Site Coordinator)
By Scott Chernoff ( Fan Site Coordinator)

Greetings, fellow Lostingers! And welcome to the first ever edition of our exclusive LOSTING fan update, tentatively titled "Living Or Losting" (a.k.a. LOL).

Keep watching this space for in-depth interviews and features on the upcoming blockbuster that we all already love, LOSTING. For now, I'm checking in with a quick update about the progress of the pilot, and the growing controversy brewing behind the scenes.

Well, fellow fans, there is good news, and there is bad news. Wait, more like there is AWESOME news, and there is also profoundly disturbing, sad news as well.

First comes the hard part to swallow. According to my sources inside the LOSTING creative team, the production may already be the victim of either attempted sabotage or perhaps piracy. The creators of the show claim that a tape containing a rough cut of the much-anticipated LOSTING pilot may have been stolen. Foul play is suspected.

This morning, I received a distressed, exhausted call from LOSTING co-creator/star VATCH PANOS, who said the tape went missing during an otherwise-productive production meeting the night of Thursday, Oct. 6. What's more, PANOS proclaimed that the thievery was most likely the doing of a nefarious spy from a certain Channel 101 primetime program.

However, PANOS could offer no proof for his suspicions, which I'm reluctant to specify here barring corroborating evidence. In fact, the former "Rock Gods of Rock" mastermind allowed that the tape might have just been misplaced.

But follow-up interviews with LOSTING co-creator/star ABED GHEITH and co-creator SEVAN NAJARIAN track with PANOS' version of the evening, and if true, the allegations could prove to be the tip of a very icy berg indeed.

According to the creators, the tape in question (a rough cut reprensenting the then-current iteration of the masterpiece-in-the-making) was left alone in a camera in one room of NAJARIAN's home, while several other LOSTING creators worked in another. But when the "MESI" star, joined by his fellow Comic Sacrificer GHEITH, returned to retrieve the tape so that he could digitize a version to upload onto a secret web site for telecommuting partner WADE RANDOLPH ("Gregory Shitcock," "Pro Cons"), he found the camera completely empty.

Suspicions soon pointed to a Channel 101 colleague who was also present that night.

At least four members of the LOSTING creative team have told me off the record that they believe this indivdual stole the tape in order to either spy for another show, or leak footage on the internet, thereby diluting the pilot's ultimate impact.

While no doubt there are many of us who would kill to see advance footage of LOSTING, there is no doubt that true Lostingers want to see the vision the creators intend for us to see, and not be assaulted by spoilers all over the internet.

But is it true? Or is there another explanation for the mystery of the missing mini-DV?

Already, at least one Channel 101 superstar has gone public, posting a cryptic message on "I DIN DEW IT," reads the post. "I DIN TAKE THE TAPE. IT WUZ NOT ME."

So was the tape stolen? Was it misplaced? Or, perhaps, are there darker forces at work here than we could possibly imagine?

Fear not, though, fellow Lostingers -- the missing tape was not the only copy of the rough cut, and post-production is well underway on LOSTING. That's the AWESOME news. In fact, reports from the creators are that the show is turning out better than even they expected. And they expected a lot.

Said a giddy GHEITH, "I feel like E.T., looking up at the starship coming to take me home. But I already have a home here now on Earth, so I'm confused. I want to ride the starship though, and see where LOSTING takes me. Does that make any sense?"

Another mystery, from the creators of LOSTING.

Keep watching this space, fans!! More Losting News is coming soon!!
SCOTT CHERNOFF is LOSTING's ..1 fan. The former managing editor of Lucasfilm's official fan magazine STAR WARS INSIDER, Scott has now thrown his weight behind the next major franchise: LOSTING.