STEVE AGEE was born and raised in Riverside, California.  At an early age Steve realized that he had a gift for being tall.  In 1995 he packed up and moved 80 miles west to Hollywood, California to pursue his height.  10 years later and Steve is one of the tallest entertainers in Los Angeles.  Steve Agee prides himself on the fact that he's dated/had sex with a lot of really hot girls (another accomplishment he attributes to his being very tall).  Mr. Agee suffers from panic disorder and therefore has to take a daily dose of a very strong antidepressant.  Whenever Steve eats chicken he starts to sweat and his throat closes up causing him to have trouble swallowing.  For years Steve thought it was because he had a crush on chicken, but it turns out he's just allergic.  Look for Steve in the soon to be released Sarah Silverman movie, “Jesus is Magic.”  Steve is also credited with saving the struggling Channel 101 series, “Yacht Rock.”

JD RYZNAR was born in Muskegon, Michigan to Joe & Kitty Ryznar.  His younger siblings are Ben Ryznar and Max Ryznar.  He used to have a dog named Foo-Doo but that died and now his family has a dog named Spike.  JD's father and uncles just bought a bunch of land in North Dakota so they could hunt pheasant on it.  JD has about 18 aunts and uncles total, and one of them, Uncle Kevin Patrick Joseph O'Toole has Downs Syndrome, yet in spite of this, is a very funny dude.  JD is partially responsible for the Channel 101 failed pilots "Kicking Asteroid" "Biolevel: Trouble" "Smashboys" "New MacGyver."  He also created the BIGGEST, BADDEST Prime Time Super Biggest Channel 101 hit of ALL TIME "Yacht Rock"

ABED GHEITH was conceived in San Francisco during the decade of love, the 70's. Then his parents decided he would get beat up a lot and moved to a small town in Central Valley California, Modesto. Still getting picked on for being foreign and small. Abed was raised as a strict Muslim, but realized later in life that religion DIDN'T provide all the answers like he was promised. He tried to become the brain type. But was then picked on even more. Fast Forward to his early twenties when he fell into making sketch comedy with some like minded film students: Sevan Najarian, Justin Roiland and Ben Page. Fast Forward to the present where Abed and the gang have recently been parading around town in chicken scrotum costumes and making animations. Abed does voices and hopes to start creating more pilots on his own as time allows. He also discovered Heliohydrogen.

"Awesome" WADE RANDOLPH hails from the town of Loveland, Colorado.  He's been in Los Angeles for four years, and has been divorced once.  His failed marriage was born out of necessity, along with a bouncing baby girl, Tiffany Heather Randolph.  After Tiffany was killed by a drunk driver, a grieving Wade and his un-named bride decided to halt the charade, and call a "do over" on their wedding vows.  Wade's ex-wife now lives in New Orleans, and we're pretty sure she's okay, after that whole hurricane business, but Wade "doesn't really keep in touch with her, anymore.  Not since that day, that horrible day when they took my baby away".  Wade will be turning 27 in November, and he's wishing for a pony.  He believes that his allergies to horse dander will subside if he's exposed to it constantly.  Good luck, Wade.

CHRISTIAN Le GUILLOUX Born in the country of France.Age was a struggle. Too young to drink wine. And way older to fuck French prostitution. Grape squashing was the only alternative. And Jesus almighty did he squash them grapes. But still too young to squash grapes, his father fired him from the family fortune. And so he made his way by foot to America.In the country of LA there is a grape squasher among the residents. He is French but pretends to be anything but knowledgeable about wine. Yes wine is his wine of choice. And he has found Losting.

VATCHE PANOS was born in Hollywood, California, but he longs for a day when he can be part of a colony of fugitives who live on the moon. Vatche (pronounced VAH-CHAY) has been in many fist fights, even though he is a pacifist. He's the only founding member of Losting with long hair and the only one with webbed toes. In 1988 Vatche climbed Mt. Everest and conquered a giant.

MYKE CHILIAN was born to do one thing....AMAZE! And that's just what he's been doing for 24 years. Myke Chilian was raised by gypsies in south Africa which, coincidentally, is where he learned the black art of voodoo. Myke prefers black metal over death metal cuz its harder.

SEVAN NAJARIAN has weaseled his way into becoming the eighth creator of Losting. His past contributions include works such as House of Cosbys, Rock Gods of Rock, and the un-elaborate show the Most Extraordinary Space Investigations. Coming from the humble town of Modesto, CA (former home of Scott Peterson) he moved to Los Angeles two and a half years ago to run away from his "Christian responsibilities". Sevan has been building a balsa wood castle for the past 8 years of his life. It sits in his room collecting dust only to be worked on when he has free time which hasn't been a lot lately. It's extremely tedious and backbreaking so hopefully some day it will be finished and he can display it with pride or let his children destroy it with drool.


JUSTIN ROILAND Justin Roiland is very quiet and observant. He only speaks when spoken to, and respectfully does what he is told. He looks around him and gathers information and uses that information to execute things and make things as good as they can be. He is always very tired because he has sleep apnea. He is proud to be a part of Losting, but he doesn't understand why Sevan is considered a "Creator" when he was not there the night Losting was filmed, therefore, he did not have a hand in creating it. Very curious indeed. Keep your eye on Justin as he has big plans for Losting and the Losting community.

SCOTT CHERNOFF (Fan Site Coordinator) is able to access the computer twice a week at the Education Center at Corcoran State Prison in Corcoran, California. The California State Prison-Corcoran is committed to ensuring and instilling the public and inmates' families with the confidence that CSP-C is committed to providing the best medical, mental health, education, vocational and self help programs for all inmates confined to Corcoran. Total capacity of Level I inmates is 884. Approximately 95% of these inmates are assigned permanent jobs. The jobs performed include Community Work Crews, Administration Building Porters, Maintenance, PIA Warehouse, Fire House, Garage, Grounds Yard Crews, PIA Corp Farm and PIA Dairy. Scott Chernoff has been assigned to Maintenance and is learning the trade of Fan Site Coordination. For more information, see www.scottchernoff.com and CORCORAN.

TODD BISHOP has ESP and has forseen the future of Losting...and the future is good. Todd hails from Milwaukee, which is in the midwest. His hobbies are fast cars and fast women and line dancing. In 1996 Todd Bishop invented internet dating and because of it he is responsible for over 2 million "hook ups" and counting.
RYAN ELDER was born in Minneapolis MN, raised in St. Paul MN and will die in bed, like in that movie Big Fish but without the annoying son. Birthed directly into a snowbank, the afterbirth freezing nearly
immediately to his face, Ryan's love for music flowered early.  Violin
at age 5, guitar at age 12, piano at age 18, turntables at age 25, he
discarded them all in the hopes of finding an instrument he'd actually
be able to play.  All this failure to practice netted Ryan a job writing the nation's favorite jingles.  Although he has no desire to teach the world to sing, Ryan is quite excited to be a part of the Losting crew.
SHAYNE LECHELT, 19, of Arlington, went losting on October 4, 2005.  Funeral services will be at 10:30 a.m. Monday, October 10, 2005 at Grace Presbyterian Church, Arlington. Burial will follow at Moore and Sons Funeral Home, Arlington. Visitation will be from 3:00-5:00 p.m. Sunday October 9, 2005 at Skyvue Memorial Gardens,Mansfield. Shayne was born in Bellevue, WA on April 9, 1986. He grew up in Arlington, TX, graduated from Mansfield Summit High School in 2004, and then attended The University of Texas in Austin.  He provided some music for Losting, but ultimately the suffering caused by having to wait for Losting did him in.  He is survived by all the other Lostingers.

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